• "What Color For Winter Steelhead"

    Winter Steelhead season is now on for the Pacific Northwest, and most of us that love this time of year already have our Steelhead Boxes primed and ready to go with our favorite patterns and colors.  But the age old question a lot of us ask ourselves or our buddies “what Fly and Color should I use….”
  • Swinging and Social "Fish"tancing

    Swinging and Social "Fish"tancing By Shelen Scout Boyes of "The Trout Scout Life" In today’s world, an...
  • The Trials and Tribulations of Chucker Fly Apparel

    After 6 months of Struggles and Set backs we are finally open, if you are interested in how we came to exist, check out this blog post by Chucker Fly Founder Jamie Ker.
  • Sight Fishing for Summer Steelhead

    If you are lucky enough to have Summer Run Steelhead near by like we do on Vancouver Island then you may already know about the rush it is operate ...
  • The Muddler Minnow

    The Muddler Minnow Origin The Muddler Minnow was originated by Don Gapen of Anoka, Minnesota  in 1936, to imitate the slimy sculpin and fool large ...