Chucker Fly Apparel was started April of 2020 by Jamie and Amanda Ker.  Jamie handles the Marketing and Operations  and is the Scatter brained idea guy of the Team,  while Amanda handles the Financial side and is the artistic one of the pair, her sole job is to reign Jamie in, keep him focused and make sure he doesn’t financially ruin the business.

Jamie Ker
Marketing and Operations Manager

Born and Raised in Vancouver, BC  and raised by Parents that didn’t fish, Jamie really didn’t get much exposure to Fishing as a kid.  It wasn’t until 15 yrs ago when he moved to Vancouver Island and wrapping up his Club Rugby Career he needed a new sport/hobby to focus his ADHD on.  It all started with a cheap spinning gear set from Canadian Tire, which within a year led to a cheap Fly Rod/Reel Combo, which then led to a lot more expensive gear.  Within a year of Fly Fishing and catching Stocked Rainbow Trout and Pink Salmon on the Beach he was hooked.  He soon started tying his own flies and then building his own rods, and has never looked back.  Jamie has pushed to find a new career that allows him to combine his love for Fly Fishing and the Outdoors.

Amanda Ker
Finance Manager

Born and Raised in Skeena Valley, Amanda is the opposite of Jamie where she was born with a fishing rod in hand.  Her father had an Ocean fishing and wildlife charter company and with her brother fished the Skeena River every day during the summer months for Salmon.  She has caught more fish in a year than her Husband Jamie has caught in his Life, and constantly reminds him she is the better fisherman.